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Library Facilities

Computer Facilities

The library has integrated software for library management, which contains all book data and member particulars. The readers can know the availability of any book by using the title of the book, name of author and subject. In addition internet facilities are also available in the library.

Reproduction Facilities

  • The reproduction facility from the PPC (Plain Paper Copier) machine placed in the Reproduction Room is available only for copying MIST library materials. Request for PPC facilities will be made on payment (rate will be decided by the Commandant MIST) when it is unavoidable i.e., the book cannot be taken out of the library. Only one copy of the reproduction will be made and the number of pages to be copied should not normally exceed 100 without prior authority from instructor concerned. Demands for making PPC are to be placed to the Library counter at least 12 hours in advance. Immediate reproduction cannot be carried out.

  • Scanning facilities are also available in the Reproduction Section of the Library.

Internet and On-Line Printing Facilities

Cyber Centre of the library provides internet browsing facilities to all members. Students and instructors may utilise on-line printing facilities on payment. Printing charge shall be determined by the Commandant MIST.